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We all want healthy homes and environments, yet we may also be part of the destruction of the possibility of sustaining these desired needs.

Shopping Attitude

When it comes to our attitude about what and how we buy, we reveal a lot about ourselves and our real desire to have a healthy planet.

Just because, what we want to have or need can be consumerist thinking produced for less, does not mean our immediate savings are going to be the responsible savings that result in a healthy planet. That being the case, means that the unhealthier our planet becomes, then our homes and other environments will succumb as well.

What Drives Box Stores?

One word, "Consumerism"!
Other Words, "Lack of Responsibility", "Greed"

If it is in the box store it will be landfill quality even if it looks the same! Yes, manufacturers make for what consumers want, cheap, and they too are guilty of a lack of regard for stripping the planet and creating excessive waist.

What do we say to our future generations when they ask why and how does it get fixed?

I have talked to several manufacturers and asked why they buy into making bad product and presenting it to the consumer. All said something to this nature: it is cheap and garbage and is high in warranty replacement of parts, but that's what people want so we make it for the box stores.

Admittedly, we are all tempted, however, buying decisions are the consumers responsibility and will be a good one or an irresponsible one, the choice is yours. Buy well, save the planet, buy irresponsibly and we all lose!

Ever wondered why your local dealer doesn't have the box store models for sale? They could never survive the return policy or the lack of parts in short order, when needed for maintenance and repairs.

Dealers need to supply that which will serve their clients well for years with little risk of quality deficiency. This policy is good for everyone, Great Product, Great Service, Great Client Experience and Reliable Happy Service Dealers.

I wonder how much product would leave the box store shelves if everyone became responsible buyers instead of being responsible for the irresponsibility in this planets demise due to unrestrained consumerism or greed.


How much recycling would be required if everything was built to last and purchased with this in mind?

The cost of recycling is not cheap and is not the end solution to a wasteful irresponsible approach that consumerism produces.

Recycling that which has been recycled is limited at best and still means that if made and produced for the consumerism mind set, will sooner than later become a part of the unhealthy state of the planet as waste or landfill despite any efforts to alleviate the problem.

A Move In The Right Direction

To adjust our wants and needs is a move in the right direction.

First, knowing the difference between wants, needs or must haves is going to require a bit of thought and then applied discipline in the way we exercise our new way of approach.

It stands to reason, that if you can buy great, long lasting products from a dealer, with parts and service facilities to complete the package, then you are buying responsibly, with more in mind, than immediate gratification, and little or no thought as to the consequences for everyone.

All too often we have had people come in to have something repaired and it is too costly to repair, or there are no parts and even before the purchased product was worn out, no service parts were available, as these were not hot items for the big guys to buy into for profits.

It ends up, that the dealers get the spin off to deal with and no profitable income, as there is no income in dealing with that which is not fixable, thus client disappointment.

Possible Solution

Could it be as simple as knowing our needs, finding the best products or services to meet those needs through a careful study of products and services who have time honored proof of long lasting value?

For sure, if we take the time to really shop the differences, we will find that spur of the moment decisions will be avoided and more responsible buying decisions will be made, helping keep things healthy for the long haul.


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